Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our Snow Baby

It's finally starting to feel like winter... it's been chilly and snowing on and off for the last couple weeks. Last weekend we took Kaitlin outside to play around in the snow.
Honestly, I thought she'd enjoy it more than she did, but it was hard for her to walk around and manuver in the snow. She was getting frustrated at falling so much and I'm sure her cold, wet jeans didn't help!
It really was cute, though. And, ever since that she's been saying "snow" all the time!
Unfortunately, Brandon has not had a chance to use his newly-acquired oversized snowblower yet! But, you can blame that on me... I told him I would be too embarrassed if he used it to plow snow that was less than 3 inches deep!
Not only is shoveling the snow good exercise for both of us, but it also gives Kaitlin a chance to be outiside and learn the ins and outs of snowmen, snow angels and snow forts.
And, really, what kid doesn't need that?

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