Friday, December 28, 2007

Santa Visits Our Ho Ho Home!

Christmas started out with Fruit Loops this year. Kaitlin wasn't feeling so hot, and well... I'll leave the story at that.

Before Fruit Loops, however, Kaitlin was excited to see all the gifts Santa brought for her! Most intriguing, of course, was the play kitchen he brought! Once she spotted it, it was all over. The play kitchen wins the prize for biggest distraction of the day. It even beat out the 23-pound turkey, the peanut butter cookies, and the 8-inches of snow that fell.

After breakfast and the Fruit Loops were cleaned up, Kaitlin started opening gifts. Needless to say, most of the gifts under the tree were for her. Here are some pictures of her opening gifts!

I must say that Christmas was fun this year with Kaitlin being able to unwrap her own gifts. I'm not sure she understood exactly what was happening, but she definitely enjoyed it. A big thanks to everyone who sent gifts and Christmas wishes our way! Happy New Year to everyone! :-)


Diane & Tim said...

Barb,Brandon & Kaitlin,
It looks like Kaitlin was a very good girl. No coal in the stocking. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We wish we were there opening the gifts as well. Love, Daideo & Mimi


Pigtails...omg how cute! Looks like Kaitlin got all kinds of fun things! I am sure Hailey & Bronwyn will love to help her break them in! lol