Friday, December 21, 2007


On Dec 16th we took Kaitlin to WinterWorld. Its basically a winter/Christmas themed "house" like a haunted house, but without ghosts or goblins or anything haunted. Instead of witches and skeletons they have wrapped presents and Christmas trees. It's a happy, festive place with a great holiday theme.
Since this is a new attraction in Denver, we weren't sure what to expect. We hadn't heard any reviews, and they didn't have any pictures or any stories on their website. But, they had advertisements on RTD busses and the radio... and they even had a feature on the local news (that we didn't see). We thought it sounded like a fun place, something that we should definitely check out during the Christmas season.

I guess overall it wasn't terrible, but it definitely wasn't what we expected... and I think I was more disappointed than anything. I was hoping for more of a fun room for Kaitlin - somewhere she could run and play and enjoy the winter-themed decorations. Instead, it was a rushed tour guided by an "elf" who obviously did not want to be at work. It seemed very fabricated and unnatural. In retrospect, I'm thinking it may take them a couple years to get off the ground and get the funds required for a truly authentic "WinterWorld".

On the brightside, we got a picture of Kaitlin with Santa! She absolutely would not go near him on her own, so on our second try we "tricked" her into it. Once she was distracted, I walked backwards until we got to Santa's lap. She never knew we were sitting with Santa! I whispered into Santa's ear all the things Kaitlin would like to have for Christmas.... and one thing I would like to have as well. Cheers!

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tara said...

where's the picture of the dead-looking santa in the broken down car??? didn't get that one??? i can get it to you!