Thursday, January 3, 2008


So, who knew teeth could come in so slooooooow and be sooooooo painful? YIKES! This poor girl has been dealing with the same three molars since before Christmas! They still are not in all the way! In fact, one is about halfway in and the other two are still just poking through. She seems to deal with the teething pretty well during the day ~ her new favorite food is frozen waffles (still frozen, of course). But, nighttime is a different story.... that seems to be the hardest for her. Our perfect little sleeper has been waking up on and off throughout the night crying. Usually she is able to fall back to sleep, but when she doesn't, we've been giving her Tylenol. Oragel works too, but we use that more during the day.
She's grown past the stage of wanting everything in her mouth, so frozen teething rings are a thing of the past ~ to Kaitlin they are just a cold toy, haha! Teething biscuits are waaaaaaaay too messy and I doubt she would know what to do with a frozen washcloth.
I wish there was a way to make the teeth come in faster! I feel so bad for her pain! But, just think... after these three - she'll only have 17 more to go........... doh!!

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Anonymous said...

TEETH are only the beginning of your woes - wait for the Trouble Two's!