Saturday, January 19, 2008

Please Don't Panic!

okay, so the post i did last night was in no way meant to cause wide-spread panic. it was simply my explanation for posting ultrasound pictures 5 days early. no one is worried. i am not worried, brandon is not worried, the doctor is not worried.... that means no one else needs to be worried either. just take the post as good news - the baby is totally healthy and so is mommy. as the doctor advised, spotting in early pregnancy is very common, and getting it checked out was our only choice. please believe that if anything other than a healthy baby was discovered, calls would have been made and no one would have found out via the carnahan blog. please rest assured that everything is fine. we are expecting nothing but a regular, routine prenatal visit on tuesday.

so, everyone, please relax.... stress is not good for the baby.


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