Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Due on September 4th

Today was my first official prenatal appointment for our second baby!

The appointment went well. I saw a Nurse Practicioner today and she did another ultrasound and found everything was right on schedule ~ as expected. She gave me an estimated due date of September 4th, 2008.

Here's the picture she printed for me:

The little white circle on the lefthand side is what is remaining of the yolk sac. She said this would become part of the placenta within the next week or so. The baby is growing rapidly! It's already about 3/4 of an inch.

My next doctor appointment is on Feb 26.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that the white "halo" just isn't the tip of baby #2 (Worm 2) who is just too bashful to be photographed in full view? I'm sure baby #1 (Worm) is just a camera hog - like Brandon! Love - Mom