Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No Balloons~!

This weekend Brandon and I did something that we had not done since Kaitlin was born. We had grown-up time with our friends ~ WITHOUT Kaitlin! On Sunday I went for lunch (and fun and gossip) with my good friend Shar. We went to Ted's Montana Grill specifically because they didn't have balloons. Shar has two young daughters - so it was nice for both of us to get some grown-up, kid-free time in.
Monday evening Brandon went to his friend Jim's house to watch the BCS Championship game - Ohio State vs LSU. His buddy Jim is an Ohio State alumni. Not to speak for Brandon, but I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his Kaitlin-free time watching football and snacking on chips and dip.
We decided this is something we should more often. Just getting away for a couple hours is so refreshing! And as cliche as it sounds - it really does make us appreciate our time with Kaitlin even more.

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