Monday, March 10, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese's!

Sometimes you've got to stir things up.

Tonight we took Kaitlin to Chuck E. Cheese's!

It wasn't a birthday celebration or anything special, we just thought it would be a good time. And, it was! Grandma and Grandpa Nincey and Uncle Mike met us there. We had pizza, salad and 50 tokens to spend.
Chuck E. Cheese's has definintely changed a lot since we were kids. They no longer have the big stage with the animated animal rock band and they no longer have a ball pit.
But, as you can see, Kaitlin had a great time. She enjoyed the rides and climbing all over the video games. It will be fun to take her when she's older and we can let her run like a wild child without any supervison at all.
Afterall, it seems that's what all the cool parents are doing.... Photobucket
(For some reason, I don't remember being allowed to run across the skeeball games when I was little or taking multiple turns on a ride when other people were waiting... but apparantly times have changed~!)

Here are some pictures! ENJOY!

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tara said...

aww... looks like she had fun! can't wait till the girls are a little bigger and have fun birthday parties there! oh! and i love the little sweat outfit... is that from target too...