Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs!

I decided last minute to dye Easter eggs with Kaitlin tonight! Brandon was working, and I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt the big mess on my own.

But, what's Easter without a dyed egg??

So, Kaitlin and I went to the grocery store. She helped me pick out some eggs and the egg dying kit. Then we hurried home before I lost my nerve and changed my mind!

The whole process actually went better than I expected! Kaitlin did a super job of listening... although, we're still working on the word

We've been trying to teach her colors lately - so this was a perfect opportunity! As you can see, we only did green, blue and yellow. (After visions of spilled dye, I thought it might be best to keep it fairly simple!)
And, can you believe that only two eggs were dropped?! Luckily it was after they were boiled!

The dye kit that Kaitlin picked out had Winnie the Pooh stickers to decorate the eggs with. She really enjoyed putting the stickers on the eggs!
Now, I'm going to check on the Easter Bunny to make sure he doesn't need help putting the Easter basket together...... no.



YAY! How fun!! I loved the clip of her "doing" the rabbit...SO cute!!!

Kanda said...

She is too cute doin' the bunny! She's really growin' up!