Monday, March 17, 2008

Our St. Patrick's Day Easter Bunny Adventure

Tonight we took Kaitlin to visit the Easter Bunny! It's not often that St. Patrick's Day and Easter fall within the same week, so why not take advantage? It's almost like two celebrations for the price of one!!

We met our good friends Tara, Danny and Bronwyn at the mall. We weren't sure how the girls were going to do with the Easter Bunny, but it turned out well. (Brandon reminded me that Kaitlin DID NOT like the Chuck E. Cheese mouse last week!) Little Bronwyn was not shy at all. Kaitlin saw her being friendly with the Easter Bunny and that helped her warm up to him, too. Kaitlin had a fun time looking around the Bunny Garden. There were flowers, eggs, chicks, and all things Easter and spring.

Although, my question still lingers - why sit on the Easter Bunny's lap? You cannot put in your gift request as you do with Santa. The Easter Bunny does not talk and does not offer any wise words of wisdom. The oversized-stuffed bunny does not reflect the true meaning of Easter. I suppose this means I will have to google the origins of the Easter Bunny in my "spare" time....

Here are a couple more shots we got of our St. Patrick's Day Easter Bunny Adventure:

And, a couple side notes for the day:

**St. Patty's Day is also Hawkster's (Tom's) birthday. This year he turned 60. Happy Birthday, Tom! What are the chances of Kaitlin's grandfather and step-grandfather being born just 2 days apart? Crazy, I tell ya!!

**Re: The Pregnancy - The fluttering has begun! YAY! This is what I've been waiting for. Being able to feel the baby move is so reassuring ~ it helps calm my worried mind. This is good news ~ especially for Brandon who has to put up with my nonsense. When I was pregnant with Kaitlin, I first felt her move between weeks 19 and 20. They say you can feel the movement sooner in subsequent pregnancies, and they were right. This time it's like I know what I should be feeling, so it's unmistakable. Now, if I could just get an answer to that nagging question........ (my next ultrasound is scheduled for April 22nd).

**A big THANKS to Daideo and Mimi for sending the St. Patty's day gift for Kaitlin. She absolutely L-O-V-E-S reading about the baby animals! Books are -by far- her favorite "toy". I think she would sleep with her books at night if we let her. ;-)

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tara said...

I knew you would make to to blogging the Easter Bunnny trip well before me! Although, I was able to get all my pictures in cards and ready for the mail today! See, I'm only a slacker when it comes to Blogging! Glad we were able to go together, two little girls and not one tear!