Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grandpa Nincey's 60th Birthday!!

Saturday March 15th was Grandpa Nincey's 60th birthday! Kaitlin and I spent the afternoon walking to the park, feeding the ducks and eating snacks with Grandpa.

Here is a great picture of Kaitlin sitting with Grandpa feeding the ducks:

I couldn't figure out who ate more bread - Kaitlin or the ducks:

At one point, she started chasing the ducks with bread. (Side note: ducks don't like toddlers charging at them, haha!)

While we were at the park, the temperature dropped about 30 degrees. That meant we had to skip the playground and hurry back home (to avoid hypothermia, LOL!) Back at Grandpa's house, Kaitlin shared a yummy snack with Grandpa and then we headed over to Uncle Mike's house for a birthday dinner celebration. Here is a picture of Grandpa later in the evening sharing his birthday ice cream with Kaitlin:

And ~ here's a GREAT video of our little dancer!

She had so much fun "dancing" with Uncle Mike!

(turn up your volume ~ this song will get stuck in your head)


tara said...

dancing... marching... chasing... whatever! happy birthday barb's dad!

mom! said...

Grandpa Nincey's two days older than Hawkster! Happy 60th to both! BTW-I noticed some fancy footwork on Kaitlin's part during that dancing number; I'm thinking she may have some football games in her future! I'm sure that's what Uncle Mike was actually doing - preparing her for the gridiron!