Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sleeping in a "New" Bed!

Monday was the big day. We made Kaitlin's crib into a toddler bed!

Here is the last picture of Kaitlin in a crib (*sob!* my baby is growing up!)

This is Kaitlin "helping" Daddy construct the new bed:

Kaitlin with a drill - (YIKES, be careful!!!!)

The first night in her new bed actually went very well. Around midnight I heard a "thud" and then some crying. Kaitlin fell out of her bed! When we went in, it was actually kind of cute ~ she was standing there holding her covers, crying, and looking lost. We just tucked her back into bed, and she fell right back asleep. The same thing happened around 6:00 am. Then, we didn't hear from her until 11:30~! YES, 11:30 AM! She slept almost 13 hours! That is a record, for sure! Last night she slept from 9:30 PM until 9:30 AM this morning! 12 hours! (Hahaha... had I known she would sleep like this, we would have made the switch months ago.)

She seems very excited about her new bed. Everytime she sees it, she goes running to it and jumps in. Sometimes she asks to go to bed when it's not even bedtime!

Within the next couple months we will move her to a twin-sized bed.... I'm hoping the transition will go just as smoothly!




Awwwww...hopefully she won't fall out again :( ...but sleeping so long- that is great! Wow! What a big girl she is becoming! *sniffle, sniffle*

mom! said...

Hey, way to much growing up in that household this week! First pooping like a big girl (or at least Grand Pam) and then the big girl bed (and no Brad Pit wasn't in it!) S-L-O-W---D-O-W-N! Before you know it, she'll be driving, and dating, and drinking (oops, wrong thing to say!), and graduating, and getting married and having kids, and...and...and! I'm too tired and exhaust to think about it. Think I'm going to go visit the baby albums and remember when....